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 Sterling Agriculture, Inc. formulates, manufactures and markets a variety of inputs and nutritional supplements for use in organic and conventional crops, soils, livestock, poultry and aquaculture . We also provide customized product development services and farm specific animal nutrition and crop fertility programs. All of our products and services are designed to maximize the quality and quantity of yields based on our simple motto: "feed what you need". 


Yeast Plus


Only live certified organic yeast available in the United States and Canada. Proven yield and performance benefits for livestock, dairies and poultry. 

Black Nitrogen 6-2-2 Plus Ca 2.0


Flagship product of Sterling’s full line of USDA/NOP compliant milk based fertilizers, amendments and biologics for use in organic pastures and crops. Our way to keep milk moving through the markets in a full sustainable loop. 

OT Sucker Control


Sterling's USDA/NOP compliant pesticide approved for sucker control in certified organic tobacco farms. 

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