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Sterling's milk derived fertilizers, amendments and biologics

Why milk?

 Bill & Becca Selkirk, founders of Sterling Agriculture, Inc. are also organic farmers. The backbone of Sterling's client base is organic dairies. Bill Selkirk stated " We can no longer just stand idle and watch the dairy farmer, our friends and clients, struggle through the latest downturn in the dairy industry. It is now a crisis affecting not just an industry, but families and communities. We Must Do Something ! "  - A mission objective was born that drove the creation of a line of fertilizer's, amendments and biologics that use organic milk as it's base ingredient. The entire product line " Starts at the dairy and ends at the dairy". That creates a true circle of sustainability and more importantly, a way to keep milk flowing in the markets.

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Black Nitrogen 6-2-2 Plus Ca 2.0

Sterling's fertilizer with amendments and beneficial microbes

  • Milk derived Nitrogen for easy uptake

  • Soil microbes to maximize available nutrients 

  • Humic/Fulvic acids to maximize efficacy of fertilizer

  • Kelp for minerals, vitamins and growth enhancers

  • Milk and plant derived amino acids to increase Brix

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Sea Milk

Sterling's kelp and milk derived amino acids

  • Provides key minerals, vitamins and enzymes

  • Enhances protein synthesis

  • Optimizes flowering, fruit setting and growth

  • Prevents blossom abortions

  • Maximizes overall quality of crops

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Black Inoc

Sterling's milk based microbial inoculant

  • Beneficial microbes for soils and plants

  • Enhances release and mobilization of nutrients

  • Stimulates enzymes to enhance plant growth

  • Fixes Nitrogen in plant available forms

  • Enhances uptake of Phosphorus

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OT Sucker Control

Sucker control for organic tobacco

  • QCS approved for organic tobacco farms

  • C8 - C10 activity from palm oil

  • Effective and easy to use

  • Enhanced with natural surfactants

  • Effective by direct contact with suckers

  • Safe on crops when properly applied

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