Why Sterling Agriculture ?

The company's focus is the farmer. Bill and Becca Selkirk, the founders of Sterling Agriculture, Inc. have spent a lifetime researching and developing agricultural inputs. For well over a decade, those efforts have been aimed at organic farming. That is because they are organic farmers themselves. Their ties to the community are deep and heartfelt. They understand the challenges faced by farmers today. That understanding fuels the company. 


About Us

William Selkirk PhD R&D, Agronomy and Animal Nutrition

 Bill is the engine that drives innovation at Sterling Agriculture. His focus is to develop products and solutions that maximize the quality and quantity of yields of every customer we serve. 

Rebecca Selkirk R&D and Operations Management


Becca is the linchpin of Sterling Agriculture. Her direction is vital to every operational facet of the company, including Research & Development, administration and business initiatives. 

Adrian Ramirez Marketing and Project Management

  Adrian is Sterling Agriculture’s link between the science and technology driving the company and all market oriented projects and initiatives.